Just A Little Bit Random Self-Isolation Film Quiz Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Just A Little Bit Random Self-Isolation Film Quiz (again, there’s probably a better title out there somewhere). Genuinely very much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed the quiz. Thank you for all the kind comments so far too! They are truly greatly appreciated.

I may do more of these at some point in the future, so make sure to follow the Just A Little Bit Random Twitch page, or my Twitter, or just keep checking back on this blog site to find out when/ if another one is coming along. I’ll also try to make it easier (and definitely shorter), sorry about the difficulty and length issues with this one.

But, for now here are the full results of the quiz:

Honourable mention – Fried_Gold, who wasn’t able to properly send across answers

8th – Dave
and Oskar Gets Real

7th – Iconic Film Duo
and Owl Mum

6th – Leese Geese

5th – Play With My Pussies

4th – You’re A Qizzard Harry

3rd – The Pearsons

2nd – My 20 Year Quiz Hell
and Only Me!

1st – The Mole People

Thank you to everyone for taking part and congratulations to all the winners! Hopefully “see” you again if another one of these goes ahead. Thanks again!

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