Just A Little Bit Random Self-Isolation Film Quiz

Amongst a number of not-quite-projects that will likely never see the light of day one thing that I’ve had sat around for a while is a film quiz. As the world gradually gets put on lockdown and most people work from home and self-isolate I’ve decided to finally do something with this quiz.

On Sunday 29th March at 8pm (UK time) over on the Just A Little Bit Random Twitch channel a variety of film related topics will be covered and tested. Anyone can take part, even in a team – thanks to the wonders of Skype, Discord, Facebook and various other platforms that offer some form of video call or voice chat. If in a team you only need one person to fill out answers via this answer sheet.

While I can’t exactly ensure masses of quality this should still, hopefully, be a good time for all. Something to distract from the potential boredom of self-isolation, and for some the loneliness of it.

So, feel free to join and take part, no matter how many people are in your team, on Sunday 29th March at 8pm for the Just A Little Bit Random Self-isolation Film Quiz (there’s definitely a better, shorter title out there somewhere). Hopefully “see” you there!

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