Jan Miller Corran ‘Along Came Wanda’ Interview

Writer-director Jan Miller Corran joins me to discuss her debut feature Along Came Wanda, which is available to buy and rent on various platforms now. Along Came Wanda is available to buy and rent in the UK now. To see the places where it’s available, including in your own country, you can find out throughContinue reading “Jan Miller Corran ‘Along Came Wanda’ Interview”

Helen O’Hara ‘Women Vs. Hollywood’ Paperback Interview

Film journalist, and Empire Magazine and Podcast contributor, Helen O’Hara joins me once again to discuss the upcoming paperback release of her book Women Vs. Hollywood – available from 3rd February, while the hardback and audiobook are already available. Helen can be found through her Twitter account. Women Vs. Hollywood can be bought in aContinue reading “Helen O’Hara ‘Women Vs. Hollywood’ Paperback Interview”

Rebecca Rogers Interview

Something a bit different for this site, I spoke to TikTok/ social media’s Rebecca Rogers to discuss how she came to the app, classroom inclusion, creating places of safety online, fidget toys and more. You can find and follow Rebecca on her various social media platforms including: TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. If you wantContinue reading “Rebecca Rogers Interview”

‘The Spine Of Night’ Interview

Co-writer-directors Philip Gelatt and Morgan Galen King, alongside actor Larry Fessenden, join me to talk about their upcoming dark-fantasy adult animation feature The Spine Of Night. The film will be available on Shudder from 24th March 2022 You can follow The Spine Of Night on Twitter and watch on Shudder, in the UK, from 24thContinue reading “‘The Spine Of Night’ Interview”

‘Stealing Chaplin’ Interview

Co-producers, director Paul Tanter and stars Simon Phillips and Ken Bressers join me to discuss the upcoming digital release of their film Stealing Chaplin. The film will be available on a number of digital platforms from Monday 6th December 2021. You can follow Stealing Chaplin on Twitter. The film will be available across multiple platformsContinue reading “‘Stealing Chaplin’ Interview”

‘Love Without Walls’ Crowdfunding Interview

Writer-director Jane Gull and producer Karen Newman join me to discuss their upcoming feature film Love Without Walls, and the crowdfunding campaign currently behind it. If you want to support Love Without Walls, or find out more about it, you can find the campaign here. Links to Karen and Jane’s Twitter accounts can be foundContinue reading “‘Love Without Walls’ Crowdfunding Interview”

Adam Leader ‘Hosts’ Interview

Writer-director Adam Leader joins me to discuss his feature debut horror, Hosts – available to watch online now on various platforms. Adam can be found through his Twitter account. If you want to watch the film you can see the places it’s available by following this link. If anyone’s interested in hearing Adam’s song requestContinue reading “Adam Leader ‘Hosts’ Interview”

‘The Man At The Bottom Of The Garden’ Interview

Writer-director Paul Blinkhorn, producer Karen Newman and casting director Ben Cogan all join me to discuss their lockdown comedy short film The Man At The Bottom Of The Garden – available to watch online now. The full short is available to watch now on YouTube. Links to the Twitter account of each guest, and theContinue reading “‘The Man At The Bottom Of The Garden’ Interview”

Helen O’Hara ‘Women Vs Hollywood’ Interview

Film journalist, and Empire Magazine writer, Helen O’Hara joins me to discuss the upcoming release of her book Women Vs Hollywood – which will be released 18th February. Helen can be found through her Twitter account. Her book can be bought in a number of places; including Waterstones, Amazon and “all good and evil bookContinue reading “Helen O’Hara ‘Women Vs Hollywood’ Interview”

Simon Brew ‘Film Stories’ Lockdown Interview

Founder and editor of Film Stories Simon Brew kindly joins me again, this time to discuss all the work that he and Film Stories have been doing during the coronavirus lockdown, alongside the impact that this has had on the independent magazine sector, and much more. Simon can be found through his Twitter here.While FilmContinue reading “Simon Brew ‘Film Stories’ Lockdown Interview”