Just A Little Bit Random Online Film Quiz

This is a place to find updates about the film quizzes that can be found on the Just A Little Bit Random Twitch channel. Listed below is the date and time of the next quiz, and the answer sheet for it. Teams are welcome to each quiz, as well as those on there own, or in duos, etc. Currently these quizzes are being done to help those with the current state of self-isolation and lockdown. To help some relieve the boredom, and in some cases loneliness, that such a situation can bring. There might be some further future in them at some point, will have to wait and see. Also listed below are the results of the previous quiz. This post will be updated whenever a new quiz is announced/ is coming up. Make sure to keep checking back to this page if you want to take part in a future/ upcoming quiz!

Next quiz – Sunday 16th May at 8pm (UK time)

Answer sheet – Can be found by following this link

Previous quiz results (Sunday 9th May)

2nd – Mortal Kombarton

1st – My 20 Year Quiz Hell

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