Just A Little Bit Random Review Of The Decade

The decade that was the 2010’s saw a great deal of change across the Hollywood landscape. While it might seem as if Disney bought everything there’s been a rise in fresh, unique and original filmmaking talent making waves in the land of cinema. Pushed by movements such as Times Up, Black Lives Matter and Me Too, there’s been an increase in diversity and entertaining cinematic stories. Meanwhile, we’ve also seen the development of various franchises, most notably that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which overtime has gone on to dominate the box office – Endgame after all overtook Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time.

The changes in cinematic voices have clearly been well received by audiences. Total box office gross for the year has increased almost each year of the decade. Something which goes hand-in-hand with the development and increase in quality that we can see almost every year. It seems as if the amount of ‘bad’ films released is dramatically diminishing. Very rarely do we now walk out of the cinema thinking negatively about the feature that we’ve just seen.

In this special ‘Review Of The Decade’ show I’m kindly joined by a number of brilliant guests to look back at, and discuss, the decade that was the 2010’s in film. Covering the best, the underseen gems, the films that had us crying with laughter and emotion, those that had us hiding behind the seats and those that had us wanting to do nothing more than be inside the spectacular worlds that we were witnessing, and much more.

Links to the guests Twitter accounts, and requested songs can be found below.

Nick De SemlyenPlease Mr Kennedy – Justin Timberlake, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver
Katie Smith-WongOoh La La – Faces
Clarisse LoughreyWrapped Up – Natalie Portman
Timon SinghTake Care Of Business – Nina Simone
Amon WarmannPortals – Alan Silvestri

Make sure to check out the work of each guest! Trust me, these are all great writers overflowing with immense passion for film, and that definitely comes across in what they do, which is genuinely brilliant.

A huge thank you to each guest for kindly giving up time to take part in this! It was a great pleasure to talk you!

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