The Nan Movie – Review

Cert – 15, Run-time – 1 hour 35 minutes, Director – “A Catherine Tate film” (No director credited) Foul-mouthed OAP Joanie (Catherine Tate) finds herself taken on a road trip, by her grandson Jamie (Matthew Horne), to Ireland to meet her dying, estranged sister (Katherine Parkinson). For those unaware of Catherine Tate’s Nan character, havingContinue reading “The Nan Movie – Review”

LFF 2021: The Gravedigger’s Wife – Review

Release Date – TBC, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 22 minutes, Director – Khadar Ayderus Ahmed When his wife (Yasmin Warsame) falls ill, gravedigger Guled (Omar Abdi) must travel back to his home village to attempt to raise the money to save her life. There’s much within The Gravedigger’s Wife which boils downContinue reading “LFF 2021: The Gravedigger’s Wife – Review”

Fresh – Review

Cert – Recommended 18+, Run-time – 1 hour 53 minutes, Director – Mimi Cave After a series of bad dates, Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) strikes up an intimate relationship with doctor Steve (Sebastian Stan). However, it’s not long until she discovers his hidden cannibalistic attitudes. Just before its awards success truly started to take off TwitterContinue reading “Fresh – Review”

The Adam Project – Review

Cert – 12, Run-time – 1 hour 45 minutes, Director – Shawn Levy 12-year-old Adam (Walker Scobell) finds himself trying to save the world and change the future when an older version of himself (Ryan Reynolds), from 2050, crash-lands in the wrong year attempting to find his missing wife (Zoe SaldaƱa). Even if you knowContinue reading “The Adam Project – Review”

Turning Red – Review

Cert – PG, Run-time – 1 hour 40 minutes, Director – Domee Shi 13 year old Meilin (Rosalie Chiang) is going through the standard changes that come with growing up, however her outgoing confidence is shattered when a generational ‘blessing’ causes her to turn into a giant red panda whenever she gets emotional or overexcited.Continue reading “Turning Red – Review”

LFF 2021: Ride The Wave – Review

Release Date – TBC, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 24 minutes, Director – Martyn Robertson Documentary following pre-teen surfer Ben Larg as he attempts to tackle some of the biggest and most violent waves the world has to offer. There’s certainly a somewhat simplistic nature to director Martyn Robertson’s Ride The Wave. Yet,Continue reading “LFF 2021: Ride The Wave – Review”

LFF 2021: Dashcam – Review

Release Date – 3rd June 2022, Cert – 18, Run-time – 1 hour 17 minutes, Director – Rob Savage Loud and outspoken music streamer Annie (Annie Hardy) steals her former bandmate’s (Amar Chadha-Patel) car and begins to experience a series of supernatural attacks after picking up silent, elderly passenger Angela (Angela Enahoro). After the highContinue reading “LFF 2021: Dashcam – Review”

LFF 2021: Luzzu – Review

Release Date – 27th May 2022, Cert – 15, Run-time – 1 hour 34 minutes, Director – Alex Camilleri Struggling fisherman Jesmark (Jesmark Scicluna) gets involved in black market operations as his work faces increasing restrictions and pressures, limiting him from providing for his wife (Michela Farrugia) and child. “Without a boat you lose yourContinue reading “LFF 2021: Luzzu – Review”