LFF 2019: Give Me Liberty – Review

Release date – N/A, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 50 minutes, Director – Kirill Mikhanovsky A coach driver (Chris Galust) working for a firm that transports people with disabilities puts his job at risk when he finds himself taking a group of pensioners to a funeral, taking other passengers along with them. VicContinue reading “LFF 2019: Give Me Liberty – Review”

LFF 2019: First Love – Review

Release date – 14th February 2020, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 48 minutes, Director – Takashi Miike A young boxer (Masataka Kubota) runs in with a drug addict (Sakurako Konishi), and soon finds himself involved in a deadly drug-smuggling operation which includes corrupt cops, assassins and the yakuza. Cult Japanese director Takashi MiikeContinue reading “LFF 2019: First Love – Review”

LFF 2019: Uncut Gems – Review

Release Date – January 2020, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 2 hours 15 minutes, Directors – Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie A New York jewellery dealer (Adam Sandler) makes a number of high-stakes bets that could lead him to a huge windfall, however if won he must get around a number of forces to get theContinue reading “LFF 2019: Uncut Gems – Review”

LFF 2019: Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool – Review

Release Date – 13th October 2019, Cert – 15, Run-time – 1 hour 55 minutes, Director – Stanley Nelson Documentary looking at the life of jazz musician Miles Davis “For him, not playing is like not playing anymore” says a friend of Miles Davis, arguably one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time,Continue reading “LFF 2019: Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool – Review”

LFF 2019: La Belle Époque – Review

Release date – 22nd November, Cert – 15, Run-time – 1 hour 55 minutes, Director – Nicolas Bedos An ageing man (Daniel Auteuil) goes through an experience that takes him back to the day he met his now distanced wife (Fanny Ardant) La Belle Époque may very well be one of the best time travelContinue reading “LFF 2019: La Belle Époque – Review”

LFF 2019: Knives Out – Review

Release date – 27th November 2019, Cert – 12, Run-time – 2 hours 10 minutes, Director – Rian Johnson A private investigator (Daniel Craig) tries to find the true cause of a wealthy writers death by making his way through every member of his extended family “A whodunnit like no one has ever dunnit” ranContinue reading “LFF 2019: Knives Out – Review”

LFF 2019: Greed – Review

Release date – 21st February 2020, Cert – 15, Run-time – 1 hour 44 minutes, Director – Michael Winterbottom A British retail tycoon (Steve Coogan) takes over almost all of a Greek resort to host an extended party for his 60th birthday. Sir Richard “Greedy” McCreadie is a name devised specifically for a villain. ItContinue reading “LFF 2019: Greed – Review”

LFF 2019: Nocturnal – Review

Release date – N/A, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 26 minutes, Director – Nathalie Biancheri A man in his 30’s (Cosmo Jarvis) begins to form a close bond and relationship with a schoolgirl (Lauren Coe) The basis of Nathalie Biancheri’s narrative feature directorial debut is a rather simple one. A man in hisContinue reading “LFF 2019: Nocturnal – Review”

LFF 2019: The Painted Bird – Review

Release date – 27th March 2020, Cert – 18, Run-time – 2 hours 49 minutes, Director – Václav Marhoul A young Jewish boy (Petr Kotlar) must fend for himself in the hostile landscape of World War 2 Eastern Europe. Writer-director Václav Marhoul has claimed about his latest feature – his first for 11 years –Continue reading “LFF 2019: The Painted Bird – Review”

LFF 2019: Le Mans ’66 – Review

Release date – 15th November, Cert – 12, Run-time – 2 hours 32 minutes, Director – James Mangold Race car designer Carol Shelby (Matt Damon) and driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) battle the lead figures of Ford to create a car that will beat Ferrari at the 24 hour Le Mans race. Ford Vs FerrariContinue reading “LFF 2019: Le Mans ’66 – Review”