Helen O’Hara – Women In The Film Industry Interview

Image Credit – Yasmine Gateau (Originally for Variety) Film journalist and writer Helen O’Hara kindly joins me for a follow-up interview to one held two years ago to talk about the change we’ve seen in that time when it comes to the representation, acknowledgement and treatment of women in the film industry. Alongside what HollywoodContinue reading “Helen O’Hara – Women In The Film Industry Interview”

Jenna Suru ‘The Golden Age’ Interview

Writer, director, producer and actor Jenna Suru joins me to discuss her upcoming feature debut The Golden Age – which is premiering at the London Independent Film Festival later this month. The Golden Age can be followed through its Twitter account. Tickets for the premiere on Friday 13th March, followed by a Q&A with Jenna,Continue reading “Jenna Suru ‘The Golden Age’ Interview”

Just A Little Bit Random Review Of The Decade

The decade that was the 2010’s saw a great deal of change across the Hollywood landscape. While it might seem as if Disney bought everything there’s been a rise in fresh, unique and original filmmaking talent making waves in the land of cinema. Pushed by movements such as Times Up, Black Lives Matter and MeContinue reading “Just A Little Bit Random Review Of The Decade”

Simon Brew ‘Film Stories’ Interview

Simon Brew joins me to talk about the various different sections of Film Stories. From its birth as a podcast to the impact that it’s had in just one year as a magazine. Film Stories can be found through its Twitter and website, where you can subscribe to and buy the magazine, listen to theContinue reading “Simon Brew ‘Film Stories’ Interview”