LFF 2020: Supernova – Review

Release Date – 25th June 2021, Cert – 15, Run-time – 1 hour 33 minutes, Director – Harry Macqueen Musician Sam (Colin Firth) and writer Tusker (Stanley Tucci) are travelling across England by motorhome to revisit old friends, family and treasured places as Tusker’s dementia worsens. It’s almost impossible to believe that Colin Firth andContinue reading “LFF 2020: Supernova – Review”

LFF 2020: Never Gonna Snow Again – Review

Release Date – TBC, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 53 minutes, Directors – Małgorzata Szumowska, Michał Englert The residents of a gated community trust their deepest secrets and worries with a mysterious, quiet masseuse (Alec Utgoff) When it comes to being relaxed how much are you more likely to give away? What ifContinue reading “LFF 2020: Never Gonna Snow Again – Review”

LFF 2020: 200 Metres – Review

Release Date – TBC, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 30 minutes, Director – Ameen Nayfeh A Palestinian father (Ali Suliman) is stuck on the other side of a border wall as he must smuggle himself into Israel where his son is in hospital. The world record for sprinting 200 metres is 19.19 seconds,Continue reading “LFF 2020: 200 Metres – Review”

LFF 2020: Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) – Review

Release Date – TBC, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 54 minutes, Directors – Arie Esiri, Chuko Esiri Two Nigerians (Jude Akuwudike, Temi Ami-Williams), living separate struggling lives, dream of a better life outside of the country. The subtitle of Eyimofe – the feature directorial debut of brothers Arie and Chuko Esiri – ThisContinue reading “LFF 2020: Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) – Review”

LFF 2020: Undine – Review

Release Date – TBC, Cert – N/A, Run-time – 1 hour 30 minutes, Director – Christian Petzold Undine (Paula Beer) works as a history lecturer in Berlin, after finding new love it appears that a mysterious secret of hers is gradually being revealed. If there’s one thing Undine (Paula Beer) is serious about it’s herContinue reading “LFF 2020: Undine – Review”

Synchronic – Review

Cert – 15, Run-time – 1 hour 42 minutes, Director – Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead A paramedic’s (Jamie Dornan) daughter (Ally Ioannides) goes missing after seemingly taking a drug linked to multiple deaths in the area, meanwhile his co-worker (Anthony Mackie) discovers the pill’s time travel abilities. Don’t let the Doctor Who style chaos ofContinue reading “Synchronic – Review”

The White Tiger – Review

Cert – 15, Run-time – 2 hours 5 minutes, Director – Ramin Bahrani A young man (Adrash Gourav) works his way through India’s social divide by becoming the driver for a wealthy, if dubious, family. “I’m going to Delhi in an air conditioned car!” Balram (Adrash Gourav) gleefully exclaims out of the window of anContinue reading “The White Tiger – Review”

Baby Done – Review

Cert – 15, Run-time – 1 hour 31 minutes, Director – Curtis Vowell On learning that she’s pregnant Zoe’s (Rose Matafeo) plans fall around her as she rushes to achieve her dreams, meanwhile her long-term boyfriend Tim (Matthew Lewis) stresses about the birth and fatherhood. Rose Matafeo has easily established herself as one of theContinue reading “Baby Done – Review”