Oscar Predictions 2021

This year’s Academy Awards are possibly the most unpredictable in years. While we’re used to a surprise or two in each ceremony this year could be like no other. In the constantly changing landscape of Academy votership and nominees this year has produced a diverse range of nominees unlike any other. The race seems toContinue reading “Oscar Predictions 2021”

What Will Win Best Picture? 2021

In an awards season like no other, the 2021 Best Picture Oscar race has thrown in a number of, what many have claimed to be, unconventional nominees. With this in mind, and the year that we’ve just had, this year’s competition might not be as close as some people might initially think. Here, as withContinue reading “What Will Win Best Picture? 2021”

Oscars 2021 – What I’d Vote

With the Oscar ballot deadline having gone by and the ceremony a matter of days away many people and sources – including myself – are setting in their final predictions. And so, until then here’s my personal favourites in each of this year’s categories, along with why I’d vote for them – in the almostContinue reading “Oscars 2021 – What I’d Vote”

What Will Win Best Picture? 2020

Every year as awards season heats up the debate as to what will win the Best Picture Oscar also increases. At the same time I find myself, along with many others, saying that the year’s race is one of the closest and most unpredictable ever. And of course when it comes to the competition betweenContinue reading “What Will Win Best Picture? 2020”

Driver Vs Phoenix – Best Leading Actor Oscar 2020

While the likes of Best Picture and Best Director are still being hotly debated one of the closest, and most talked about, races in this year’s Oscars is that of Best Leading Actor. The day before the nominations are announced, here’s a look at the two figures who are believed to have the best chancesContinue reading “Driver Vs Phoenix – Best Leading Actor Oscar 2020”