Oscar Predictions 2021

This year’s Academy Awards are possibly the most unpredictable in years. While we’re used to a surprise or two in each ceremony this year could be like no other. In the constantly changing landscape of Academy votership and nominees this year has produced a diverse range of nominees unlike any other. The race seems toContinue reading “Oscar Predictions 2021”

What Will Win Best Picture? 2021

In an awards season like no other, the 2021 Best Picture Oscar race has thrown in a number of, what many have claimed to be, unconventional nominees. With this in mind, and the year that we’ve just had, this year’s competition might not be as close as some people might initially think. Here, as withContinue reading “What Will Win Best Picture? 2021”

Oscars 2021 – What I’d Vote

With the Oscar ballot deadline having gone by and the ceremony a matter of days away many people and sources – including myself – are setting in their final predictions. And so, until then here’s my personal favourites in each of this year’s categories, along with why I’d vote for them – in the almostContinue reading “Oscars 2021 – What I’d Vote”

Adam Leader ‘Hosts’ Interview

Writer-director Adam Leader joins me to discuss his feature debut horror, Hosts – available to watch online now on various platforms. Adam can be found through his Twitter account. If you want to watch the film you can see the places it’s available by following this link. If anyone’s interested in hearing Adam’s song requestContinue reading “Adam Leader ‘Hosts’ Interview”

‘The Man At The Bottom Of The Garden’ Interview

Writer-director Paul Blinkhorn, producer Karen Newman and casting director Ben Cogan all join me to discuss their lockdown comedy short film The Man At The Bottom Of The Garden – available to watch online now. The full short is available to watch now on YouTube. Links to the Twitter account of each guest, and theContinue reading “‘The Man At The Bottom Of The Garden’ Interview”

Helen O’Hara ‘Women Vs Hollywood’ Interview

Film journalist, and Empire Magazine writer, Helen O’Hara joins me to discuss the upcoming release of her book Women Vs Hollywood – which will be released 18th February. Helen can be found through her Twitter account. Her book can be bought in a number of places; including Waterstones, Amazon and “all good and evil bookContinue reading “Helen O’Hara ‘Women Vs Hollywood’ Interview”

Simon Brew ‘Film Stories’ Lockdown Interview

Founder and editor of Film Stories Simon Brew kindly joins me again, this time to discuss all the work that he and Film Stories have been doing during the coronavirus lockdown, alongside the impact that this has had on the independent magazine sector, and much more. Simon can be found through his Twitter here.While FilmContinue reading “Simon Brew ‘Film Stories’ Lockdown Interview”

Nick De Semlyen ‘Wild And Crazy Guys’ Paperback Interview

Film journalist and Empire Magazine writer, and current Acting Editor, Nick De Semlyen kindly joins me to discuss the upcoming paperback release of his book Wild And Crazy Guys – which will be released on 11th June. Nick can be found through his Twitter account. His book can be bought in both hardback and paperbackContinue reading “Nick De Semlyen ‘Wild And Crazy Guys’ Paperback Interview”

Tom Webb ‘The Easy Bit’ Interview

Director Tom Webb joins me to discuss the upcoming release of his feature debut, the documentary The Easy Bit – which will be released on April 29th. The Easy Bit can be found through it’s Twitter account. The film, when released on April 29th, can be found here, it is available to pre-order before then.Continue reading “Tom Webb ‘The Easy Bit’ Interview”

Helen O’Hara – Women In The Film Industry Interview

Image Credit – Yasmine Gateau (Originally for Variety) Film journalist and writer Helen O’Hara kindly joins me for a follow-up interview to one held two years ago to talk about the change we’ve seen in that time when it comes to the representation, acknowledgement and treatment of women in the film industry. Alongside what HollywoodContinue reading “Helen O’Hara – Women In The Film Industry Interview”