Not Quite Commentaries

Another unoriginal trial ‘event’ arrives in the form of what I’m currently calling Not Quite Commentaries. If this develops/ takes off then this page will be the place to find updates for the (hopefully) monthly stream on the Just A Little Bit Random Twitch channel. I’ll be inviting a guest to bring a film – it may be one they love, want to share, have never seen before, or simply want to talk about – and from there we’ll host a watch-along in the guise of a ‘commentary’.

While the stream itself will generally be just the reactions and conversation (for Twitch and legal reasons) you’re more than welcome to watch along. Once the film has been decided by the guest I’ll list it below, alongside other information, and attach a JustWatch link so you can see where it’s available to stream, buy or rent in your country. Information about the upcoming stream can be found below. So, feel free to come along and watch, or join in, this trial which could truly go either way with hopefully at least either result providing some form of amusement for those watching.

Date – TBC
Guests –
Film –

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