In Bruges – Alternative Christmas Film Screening

As an alternative Christmas film for this year’s festive season I’m going to be introducing Martin McDonaugh’s Oscar nominated feature directorial debut, the hilarious black comedy, In Bruges!

The screening will be held at Vue Bristol Longwell Green on Sunday 15th December at 16:00. Information on how to reserve tickets can be found below.

Starring Brendan Gleeson, Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes, In Bruges follows two hitmen (Farrell and Gleeson) who are sent to the Belgian town of Bruges after a job goes wrong. There they must await instructions from their insatiably foul-mouthed boss Harry (Fiennes).

The film, first released in 2008, marks the feature directorial debut of Martin McDonaugh, who received an Oscar nomination and BAFTA win for Best Original Screenplay for this film, and would go on to make the acclaimed awards hit Three Billboards Outside, Ebbing Missouri.

Filled with the style of jet black comedy that McDonaugh has come to be associated with, and featuring two of the greatest insults in cinema history, In Bruges is a truly hilarious film. Filled with strong performances, wonderfully dark comedy, equally effective violence, and a fresh – even after 11 years – take on the British gangster film, showing what happens after the job. It’s definitely something to get everyone (18 and above – for a number of good reasons) into the festive spirit!

However, enough tickets need to be reserved through Ourscreen by 8th December for the screening to go ahead. No money is taken out of your account if the screening doesn’t go ahead/ get confirmed.

A Facebook event page can be found here.
And the trailer for the film here

So, please share, help spread the word and reserve a ticket and hopefully this can be a great screening of a modern British alternative Christmas classic.

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